If you live or work in Mason County, I can certify your application to become a notary public.

WHAT you'll need to apply

  • The Notary Public Application for Appointment and Reappointment, with Lines 1 - 7 completed
  • A photo ID
  • The state-required processing fee ($10, made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer)
  • A certification/handling fee ($5 in Mason County, waived if you come to me)

Once the application is complete, it can be certified by the Justice of the Peace. Contact me to find a suitable time to complete the certification process.


The applicant should then mail the completed form (with the processing fee) to the Secretary of State's office in Frankfort. After processing, you will receive a notice to retrieve your appointment from the County Clerk's office, where you must post bond, take the oath of office, and file and record your commission.

For more information about becoming a notary, visit the Secretary of State's website.